Climate Fellowships

2008 Climate Fellows

Clean Air-Cool Planet created the Fellows program in part to address an obstacle that we had struggled with since our inception. Over and over, we saw that even the best-intentioned partners—whether in the community, campus or corporate sector—could easily be thwarted in their sustainability goals by a lack of “person-power” necessary to conduct inventories, research and write climate action plans, or carry out other high priority projects. Lacking any better option, many partners opted to assign these tasks to a busy volunteer, or a staff person already working at full capacity—and all too often, that meant a loss of momentum or even abandonment of the project.

Through our Climate Fellows program, we support young people who demonstrate the desire and emerging skills needed to help propel society towards sustainable solutions to our most pressing environmental problems. Since 2008, we have been matching exceptional college students from diverse backgrounds with high priority climate solutions projects. Through this nationally advertised and highly competitive program, students receive skills training, mentoring, networking opportunities and a stipend for full-time summer projects undertaken at CA-CP or with one of our partner organizations.