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The web-based version of the Campus Carbon CalculatorTM is finally here!

Clean Air-Cool Planet has partnered with Sightlines, LLC to bring the tool to the new online Carbon Management and Analysis Platform (CarbonMAP). Thanks to the generous support of the Verizon Foundation, Dick and Nancy Raines, and the Wallace Global Fund, the Calculator will remain completely free at least through the end of2013, and technical support will remain free at least through June 30th. To find out more, visit or contact CA-CP.

The Calculator was originally developed with the University of New Hampshire in 2001 and released to the public in 2004.  Due, almost entirely, to popular demand – rather than a concerted distribution strategy put into place by Clean Air-Cool Planet – its “market share” has grown steadily in the years since. Starting with one pilot user (the University of New Hampshire) usage grew to a few dozen early adopters to about 200 during the first year that the tool was on our website. Now, thousands of institutions, in the U.S. and abroad, have used the Calculator. More than 90% of the U.S. colleges and universities that publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions use our Calculator.

We thank our beta testers who volunteered their time to try out the tool and provide valuable feedback. The web-based Campus Carbon Calculator has improved tremendously thanks to their thorough testing.

View a 90-minute recorded webinar introducing CarbonMAP, or view the webinar slides. You can also view the slides from our advanced follow-up webinar.

Visit to try the new online tool. You can also download the User’s Guide.