Campus Carbon Calculator (Excel)

Wind turbine

The Campus Carbon Calculator was originally developed with the University of New Hampshire in 2001 and released to the public in 2004.  Due almost entirely to popular demand – rather than a concerted distribution strategy put into place by Clean Air-Cool Planet – its “market share” has grown steadily in the years since. Starting with one pilot user (the University of New Hampshire) usage grew to a few dozen early adopters to about 200 during the first year that the tool was on our website. Now, thousands of institutions, in the U.S. and abroad, have used the Calculator. More than 90% of the U.S. colleges and universities that publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions use our Calculator.

Visit to try the new online tool, or download the Excel version of the Campus Carbon Calculator by entering your information below, including first and last name. After you click Download, a link will appear. You can also download the User’s Guide.

If you represent an institution in Canada, you may wish to download the Canadian version of the Excel-based  Campus Carbon Calculator.

Changes from v6.85 to v6.9 (posted 8/8/2013)

  • Added new row in Input sheet for 2013 activity data
  • Updated calculations to reflect 2013 as data input year, not projection year
  • Added new sources and updated all sheets and projections:
    • walk and bike commuter modes;
    • solar electric, solar thermal, and wind electric (for both On-Campus Cogeneration and Other On-Campus Stationary sources);
    • “Student Travel to/from Home” modes (note that these sources are NOT required for ACUPCC reporting and are usually outside the boundary of an institutional greenhouse gas emissions inventory. We are purely including this category for those schools that have requested it to track these emissions for their own purposes.)
    • Updated macros to include new sources and transfer data correctly for new commuting format
    • On S_Demo sheet, fixed the conversion from MMBTU to kBTU to multiply by 1000, rather than divide by 1000
    • Updated commuting calculations to use % trips, not % commuters by mode; added carbon-free walk and bike modes; added conditional formatting so that if the total % mode splits don’t add up to 100% then the cell turns red
    • Changed air travel RFI from 2.8 to 2.7 to be consistent with online version
    • Added % electricity as an option for steam and chilled water fuel mix and updated emission factor calculations; added reference for electric boiler efficiency
    • Added “Attributable Renewable Electricity” and “Unattributable Renewable Electricity” to the Glossary
    • Added 2013 row to ACUPCC Reporting sheet; changed “Percent of electricity consumption mitigated” formula to only include purchased electricity in the denominator (deleted electric output from cogeneration)

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