Dear Friends,
It’s a new year, and we at Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) have some exciting new developments to share.

As a result of strategic visioning by CA-CP’s board of directors throughout last year, we have determined that CA-CP’s programs and projects can be leveraged more effectively if we stop operating as an independent 501c3, and instead, join forces with longstanding partner, University of New Hampshire.

Accordingly, Clean Air-Cool Planet is thrilled to announce that the University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute will be taking over the administration of our Climate Fellows Program, as well as the maintenance, continued development, and user support of the Campus Carbon Calculator and (in continued partnership with Sightlines, LLC) CarbonMAP.

As one of the premier campus sustainability programs in the country, and a longstanding and valuable CA-CP partner, UNHSI is committed to seeing all of these programs remain vibrant, relevant, and innovative.  We are pleased to have these valuable resources moving into such experienced, knowledgeable and forward-looking hands.

While CACP will cease operations as stand-alone entity this spring, we believe this change will only improve the strength, institutional relevance and overall value of CA-CP’s existing program work. And, given that CA-CP’s Jennifer Andrews will be moving, along with our programs, to the University of New Hampshire, we anticipate a high level of continuity and consistency.

We deeply appreciate all of the amazing collaboration, support, and leadership that you have shared with CACP over the years, and we hope that you will continue to stay engaged and involved with our programs through University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute!

Kathy Loftus
Chair, CA-CP Board of Directors

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